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sep 13, 2022 Astroprocessor OLGA

Usually, when we consider the translation or collection of light, we have little interest in the planet's fate after the aspect's completion.

For example, in the question "Did Jenny meet her new boyfriend this week" we see that Mercury (light carrier) took the light of a ищнакшутв (let's call him Billy) and transferred it to Jenny. Mercury is the intermediary that binds the two heroes together.

For example, Mercury can be the ruler of the 5th house. Then a nightclub or cinema connected the two heroes. Jenny met Billy at a nightclub this week.

The fact that Mercury, after the translation of light, made an aspect with two or three more planets no longer plays a role. We are a little interested in the fate of the nightclub, which new people came to in the last week after Jenny met Billy.

Situations where the light transmitter/collector is essential in the context

But sometimes, there are situations when the mediator plays a crucial role in the very context of the issue. Then we can cancel the rule above and consider the mediator's aspect after it completes the aspect.

Suppose we are asked about the meeting of Jenny and Billy in the following way: "Did Jenny meet him in a nightclub?" It is no longer just the fact of meeting that is important here, but also the intermediary itself - the place that connected the two lovers.

We see that Mercury (ruler of the 5th house, a nightclub) took Jenny's light, carried it to Billy, and then made 2-3 more aspects in the past. The same as in the first example.

But for Jenny to meet Billy in a nightclub, and not somewhere else, it is necessary that:

  • The last aspect of Jenny was with the club, and at the same time, the last aspect of the club was with Jenny.
  • Billy's last aspect was with the club and vice versa.

But in this example, the last aspect of the club was with other people, not Billy. So, in the context of the question, the club brought together some other heroes, but not Jenny and Billy. That is, the meeting was not in the club but somewhere else.

The context of the question and the personal decision of the astrologer

Aspects involving the third planet, which in the past took/gave light, can have a double interpretation.

  • In several cases, we are not interested in the further fate of the significator after he gave his light to the transmitter. Therefore, the light is given, and the transmitter successfully conveys it to the addressee.
  • In some cases, it will be essential for us that the last aspect of the significator be with the transmitter of light and not with someone else.


  • Sometimes we don't care about the transmitter's fate after completing the aspect in the past - he connected two heroes and did his job. What happened next with the transmitter - is not our concern.
  • Sometimes it is crucial for us that the last aspect of the transmitter was with the second significator (receiver of light), not with someone else.

The context of the question can only resolve such situations. That is why the OLGA astroprocessor highlights such aspects in yellow, as shown in the table below.


By clicking on the corresponding cell, you can see the details of the aspect. For example, if I click on the intersection of Mercury and Venus, I will immediately see a picture of the aspect:

Aspects in horary astrology

The main significators (Mercury and the Moon) are highlighted in black, and the transmitter (Jupiter) is highlighted in purple.

14º ago, Jupiter took the light of the Moon (when the Moon was at 5º Aries), and retrograde Mercury retrograde will pick up this light in 4º.

Jupiter here is a classic collector of light. If the question sounds like "Will the Moon meet Mercury?" then the answer will be positive - Jupiter collects the light of two planets.

But if Jupiter is a cinema and the question is "Will the Moon and Mercury meet in the cinema?" then the answer is "no." It is because the Moon should be in a cinema waiting for the meeting and not in a barbershop in the context of the question, "where exactly will the meeting be?"

But in this case, the Moon made her last aspect with Saturn, and before it - with Mars. So the Moon is now anywhere, but not in a cinema. So there will be no meeting at the cinema. So we consider this aspect failed.

The table that the astroprocessor builds demonstrates this:

11.09.22-14.6ºJup. takes the light of Mon.(conj.)
12.09.22-8.0ºMon. additionally aspects Mar.(sxt.)
12.09.22-0.4ºMon. additionally aspects Sat.(sxt.)
18.09.22:3.8ºJup. gives the light to Mer.(opp.)

Mark Rusborn (A. Borealis)
Mark Rusborn (A. Borealis)

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