Gemstone properties: a step-by-step astrological guide

aug 05, 2022 Gemstones in astrology

Gemstone properties, which you can find online, are not always correct. So instead of providing the list of properties for each stone, we will describe a step-by-step algorithm that most accurately calculates the magical properties of any stone.

We will demonstrate using this algorithm, taking amethyst as an example.

Step 1. Determine the leading planet of the stone

Each stone corresponds to a planet according to sympathetic magic. Each planet, in turn, rules the whole class of thongs.

For example, Venus influences the love sphere, Jupiter impacts social status, etc.

To find which stones correspond to which planet, click one of the links below:

Jupiter is the leading planet of the amethyst, which we consider as an example in this article.

Step 2. Determine Additional Planets Which Rule the Stone

In the article on sympathetic magic, we draw a diagram that shows the correspondence between planets. The bottom line is that on each planet, there are several allies. A stone is often controlled not by a single but by several united planets.

Altogether they determine the magical properties of stones.

Take, for example, amethyst.

It has a purple color. It is a mixture of blue and red.

  • Jupiter rules blue and
  • Mars rules red.

Amethyst is a transparent stone. Transparency is a property of Jupiter. Therefore, in addition to the blue color, amethyst has another Jupiter element - transparency.

So amethyst contains the energy of both Jupiter and Mars.

It turns out that amethyst has more Jupiterian properties than Martian ones.

Step 3. Google for the astrological properties of the planet instead of gemstone properties

Once you get the ruling planets, finding stones' magical properties is easy. Type "Jupiter in astrology" or "Mars in astrology" to see what these planets correspond to.

For example, Jupiter is responsible for the liver and blood, and Mars is responsible for immunity. So the combination of Jupiter and Mars is the story of blood purification. So amethyst can be used as an antitoxin.

Indeed, ancient monks used amethyst as a hangover remedy. It is a historical fact. Amethyst was even called an amulet from intoxication.

The article on sympathetic magic states that Jupiter and Mars are allies of the Moon. Therefore the stone of Jupiter and Mars (amethyst) can be used to align the Moon's energy.

You will discover by googling that the Moon is responsible for the psyche and the brain's white matter. Violation of lunar energy, for example, leads to epilepsy. Outwardly, this is due to impaired brain function.

Therefore, applying a stone of the nature of Jupiter and Mars (i.e., amethyst) can reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures.

Indeed, epilepsy was treated with the Moonstones in severe cases and often with amethyst.

As it turned out, these properties of amethyst differ from what they have written on the Internet.

But the algorithm we demonstrated will help you to find the correct gemstone properties.

The gemstone properties according to your horoscope

In addition to the general classes of objects they rule, the gemstone can impact particular circumstances of your life.

It highly depends on the planet's constellation on your birthday. For example, if a person were born on December 30 at noon, Saturn would rule his career.

If you increase the energy of Saturn, it will bring good luck in your career. Therefore there is a temptation to pick up a stone of the nature of Saturn.

But this is not always possible since gemstone properties have a downside.

If Saturn is poorly placed in the horoscope, then the empowering of Saturn's energy will only increase the chaos in the career.

But Saturn has two allies - Mars and Jupiter. So if these two planets fit well in the horoscope, then the stone of Jupiter and Mars (amethyst) will help in a person's career.

In addition to its general property, the gemstone will have a particular influence on one's career, investment, marriage, etc., according to the personal horoscope.

Thus, according to your horoscope, you will improve the particular area of your life if you select the gemstones in a strict proportion.

Our online computer service makes such a selection.

So at the moment, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can find the particular gemstone properties suitable for individual use according to your birth chart.

Click this link, enter your city, and pick up your unique gemstone combination.

Mark Rusborn (A. Borealis)
Mark Rusborn (A. Borealis)

Former Soviet physicist, now a professional astrologer, creator of the Pocket-Astrologer project.

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