Horary astrology explained with a simple example for newbies


Horary astrology is a branch of predictive astrology that deals with accurate predictions of specific circumstances.

Suppose a young man quarreled with a girl. The girl slammed the door and left in an unknown direction. The guy is worried. Where is his girlfriend, and when will she come back?

With this question in mind, the guy called to an astrologer living in a neighboring city. The astrologer accepted this question and looked at the zodiac sign set in the west. This zodiac sign points to the planet, which shows the girl.

Suppose that the Sagittarius sign was on the western horizon of the city at this moment. The Sagittarius always points to the planet Jupiter. So, Jupiter is the girl. Next, the astrologer looked for the position of Jupiter in the sky. He followed a simple rule. Everything that happens with Jupiter in heaven happens to the girl on the Earth. Quite literally. This is the essence of horary astrology.

Where Jupiter is, the girl is there. Suppose Jupiter was just to the left of the zenith. Astrologers call this area of the sky the house of friends. If Jupiter is in the house of friends, then the girl is in the same place. So far, so good.

But what if she went to seek solace not from a female friend, but from another guy, who may soon become more than just a friend to her? Let's check it out.

The Predictive Power of Horary Astrology

The upper border of the heavenly house of friends fell into the sign of Taurus. Venus rules Taurus. Or, as astrologers would say, the owner of the house of friends is Venus. This planet is a female planet, So the host of the house is a female.

As you see, horary astrology is very logical and ultra-specific. That is why we created artificial intelligence, which makes accurate predictions based on these rules to give you the best experience of predictive astrology.

Let's turn to our example. The next question is whether the girl will come back? Remember that everything that happens to Jupiter in the sky is what happens to a girl in real life. Jupiter is currently starting to change its direction. As astrologers would say, Jupiter is about to return. This appearance means that the girl is about to return and is about to go back to the guy. That is a good promise.

But the next question is, when? When strictly, will the girl return? The astrologer sees that the planet showing the guy, contacts (or aspects) Jupiter after 3 degrees. That means that the girl will meet with the guy in 3 hours.

Impressive Results

And precisely 3 hours later, the doorbell rings. A girl appears on the doorstep. All this time, she indeed was with her friend.

That is how horary astrology works with an accurate forecast.

Horary astrology is the art of detailed prediction of a specific life situation, rather than life.

Horary horoscope displays a given situation in the current moment. It shows how it will develop in the future (with amazingly accurate details).

What Questions does Horary Astrology Answer?

Yes / no questions.

  • Will I meet John tonight?
  • Does he love me?

Timing questions

  • When will my order arrive?
  • When will I meet the girl of my dreams?

Search questions

  • Who stole my wallet, and where is the thief?

Descriptive questions

  • How will our relationship develop?
  • What to expect from this business partner?
  • What are the hidden threats in this project?

Deep psychological questions

  • What prevents me from starting my own business?
  • Why do I only fall in love with married men?

And many, many others.

And still, the main advantage of horary astrology is specificity. It concerns both forecasts and in the description of current and even past events.

What is the source of information?

It comes from a horary chart, which cast at the moment the question is asked. All you need is the current time and place to cast a chart. And this is what you type in when using our online service of fortune-telling.

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