Saturn stones in astrology: list properties and the ruling planet


What are the Saturn stones, and what magical properties do they have. Several internet sources will give you different information. But if you want to know the exact answer, you need to know what planet or planets rule a particular stone.

Let's find it out.

What Stones Correspond to Saturn?

All Saturn stones have similar features. For example, they share identical color, optical properties, composition, and physical structure. Here is an example of purely Jupiter stones:

  • Galena
  • Black obsidian
  • Chiastolite
  • Smoky quartz,
  • Morion
  • Hawkeye

What do these stones have in common?

Color Saturnian stones are black grey, dark brown, dull and opaque in color.
Physical properties Saturnian stones are very heavy (according to the nature of Saturn)
Structure Saturnian stones are amorphous, maximally crystallized (have a high crystalline structure).
Сompound Contains lead (Pb).

Consider, for example, galena. It is a pure stone of Saturn.

  • It's dark and dim
  • It contains lead (more specifically, it is lead sulfide),
  • The stone is heavy
  • It is highly crystalline. On impact, it breaks into perfectly shaped cubes.

All this is the pure nature of Saturn.

Saturn Stones May Also Correspond to Mars, Venus, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun

Stone can correspond to several planets, connected by the principles of sympathy and antipathy. Such a gemstone has mixed physical attributes.

Consider, for example, jaspilite.

The stone represents streaks of black and brown colors - a mixture of Mars and Saturn. In addition, it has a characteristic metallic luster, which occurs in the stones of Mars. Eventually, the principle of sympathy connects Mars and Saturn.

More examples of Saturnian stones of diverse nature:

  • Sapphire (Jupiter in color and Saturn in hardness, allies in antipathy)
  • Antimonite, Serdonix (Saturn and Mars, antipathy allies)

What is the Magical Property of a Particular Stone?

Knowing the list of ruling planets of a stone, you can get its magical properties.

For example, take sapphire. It shares the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. Therefore search Google for "Saturn in astrology" and "Jupiter in astrology." You will know what sapphire is accountable for.

It is More Than Just an Individual Saturn Stone

Stand-alone stone has a vast influence. Therefore, it will hardly change a particular area of your life.

But if you collect the stones in the right combination and carry them with you, they will influence your regular day. Choosing the right proportions of gemstones is also very important based on your horoscope.

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