Best Astrology App For Horary Astrologers 2022

Save up to 80% of your time planning for a consultation.


English, Russian

All Eventis in a Sign

Combustions, stations, aspects

Analysis of Concerns

The deepest querent's questions

Exacts Aspects

Translation, collection & cutting off the light

Long-Term Aspects

Times and prohibitions

Close Aspects

Aspects, combustions, antiscia

Dignities & Receptions

Handy tables

Parts and Stars

Arabian Parts and Fixed Stars

Planetary Properties

Fertility, loudness, etc.

Disease Analysis

Identification of the significator

Checking for Symptoms

Deep AI analysis


Selection of herbs, minerals & proportions

Cloud Strorage

Smart filtering your saved charts

Sharing the Results

Useful social sharing tool

Developed by prof. astrologer

This app was created directly by prof. astrologer. It works without logical errors, and has exactly what you need in everyday work

Accuracy is 10 times higher

The accuracy of calculations per strand is higher than the accuracy of the Swiss ephemeris. All movements and aspects of the planets are for 300 years in advance.


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  • Partial analysis
  • No cloud storage
  • No support
  • No naturopathy
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  • Events analysis
  • 100 charts of cloud storage
  • Tech support
  • No naturopathy
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  • Evnts analysis
  • 1000 chartf of cloud storage
  • Technical support
  • Naturopathy
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Free. Prem. Plat.
Unlimited number of charts to cast Check
Planetary movements
Dignities & receptions
Arabian Parts
Save charts on disk
Result's sharing
Analysis of concerns
Events in a sign
Exact aspects
Long-term aspects
Close aspects & antiscia
Fixed stars
Cloud storage
Saved charts smart filtering
Technical support
Illness significator detection
Analysis of non-standard medical charts
Symptoms analysis
Humor disnalance analysis
Search for mental causes of illness
Selection of proportions of stones and herbs
Recommendations for recovery
Additional 900 slots in cloud storage