Sympathetic magic in astrology: correspondence of planets

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Sympathetic magic has the principles of similarity at its core. It uses the correspondence between the planet and the classes of things it rules.

For instance, Jupiter rules everything in their classes with the most significant size. It governs the liver among all other organs, watermelon among fruits, etc.

But Jupiter has a direct connection with another planet - Mars. Mars governs all kinds of fighting and the immune system in particular. So the combination of Jupiter and Mars can help detoxicate the liver in case of poisoning.

According to the ancient principle, each gemstone corresponds to one or a few planets. So if you pick up the stone which corresponds to both Jupiter and Mars, you can use it as a hangover remedy. It could be an amethyst.

You can easily find the correspondence between the planet and the whole classes of objects it rules. But you hardly find any information about the correspondence between planets, like Jupiter and Mars.

The Principle of Planetary Sympathy at the Core of Sympathetic Magic

Suppose one planet governs a particular sign of the Zodiac, and another exalts in that sign. In that case, sympathy connects these planets.

For example, the Moon rules Cancer. It is the sign of Jupiter's exaltation. Therefore, there is always a friendly relationship between the Moon and Jupiter and all classes of things they signify. This planetary connection is called sympathy by exaltation.

It is an essential principle of sympathetic magic.

In real life, the colors, stones, and scents of Jupiter's nature go well with the colors, smells, and gemstones of the Moon.

The signs of the Zodiac, located opposite each other, are interconnected by the principle of antipathy. It means that planets ruling opposite signs are bound to each other by a union of antipathy.

So, the sign of Cancer opposes the sign of Capricorn. It is well known in astrology that Saturn rules Capricorn, and Mars exalts there. Therefore, Saturn and Mars are connected with the Moon and Jupiter by antipathy.

Thus, the following planetary connections exist around the Moon and Jupiter:

  • Jupiter has an ally by sympathy - the Moon, and two partners by antipathy - Saturn and Mars.
  • The Moon has an ally by sympathy - Jupiter, and two allies in antipathy - Saturn and Mars.

Usually, the planets rule not one but two signs of the Zodiac, so the number of allies in sympathy and antipathy may vary.

The picture below shows each planet's sympathetic magic relationships (allies by sympathy and antipathy).

Where are These Planetary Connections Used?

1. In medical astrology

The ancient healing principles are based on selecting medicinal herbs according to the planets.

Suppose a doctor needs to make a decoction of an herb of the nature of Mars (say, wormwood) to treat inflammation. But there is a problem: Mars is affected by the person's horoscope. So the increase in Martian energy will cause an undesirable side effect - allergies.

Then the doctor can add an allied planet's herb. Mars' ally is the Sun. And instead of a decoction of wormwood, the healer can use the grass of the nature of the Sun (say, common oleander) for treatment.

It is how sympathetic magic works in practice.

2. In astrological correction

This method is an old way to improve a person's life by using the power of the planets in his horoscope. One of the common ways is to select a combination of stones that will begin to affect a particular area of ​​life:

  • personal relationships,
  • finance,
  • career, etc.

When choosing the right combination, the astrologer takes into account:

  • which planet in your horoscope is responsible for a particular area of ​​life,
  • how it is located in the horoscope and how safe or fruitful it is to wear a mineral corresponding to this planet
  • what kind of planetary connections this planet has. Who are its allies, and how are they located in the horoscope?

As a result, the astrologer makes for you a recipe for a personal amulet that attracts good luck in a particular area of ​​life. Finally, you get a combination and a proportion of stones you need to carry.

Not all astrologers provide such a service. Fortunately, we have created an artificial intelligence that automatically analyzes your horoscope and selects lucky stones for you.

If you want to improve a particular area of ​​your life, click this link and use the service for the individual selection of stones.

Mark Rusborn (A. Borealis)
Mark Rusborn (A. Borealis)

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